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Our History


In 1941, the first Beach Church meeting was started by a group of families in Raymond Mill’s old garage on 19th Street (currently a parking lot for the Virginia Beach Convention Center). It is remembered as having rustic, backless benches and a sawdust floor. Reverend Fred Steel, our first pastor, was a talented musician; playing guitar, piano, and mandolin. He often held cottage prayer meetings all over the old Princess Anne County and was very well known in the pre-Virginia Beach City area.

The Mills family donated a plot of land to the church where a crude building was constructed (without plumbing) on 19th Street. The only source of heat was an old potbelly stove that burned red in the winter, mostly failing in it's fight against the cold ocean air. The congregation worshipped the Lord here for several years and made improvements as the Lord provided.

The current property on 15th Street was purchased in the 1950s and a new building was constructed and used for a few years. Eventually, in the 1960s, Leslie Terry donated the brick (which he had originally purchased to build his own home) and began work on the permanent church structure. This is our current sanctuary.

We are proud of our heritage and also rejoice in the contemporary changes that God has allowed us to make in the past five years. In 2013, we re-launched the church with the official name "BEACHCHURCH". If you were come to one of our services, you would find  some friendly faces and a bunch of apple products. Our people truly strive for authenticity through being real people, showing real love, from a real God.

God has blessed us with faithful families, who feel called to fulfill our purpose of knowing God, growing in God, and showing God. We hope that you come and visit us. There is a spot available for you and homemade bread with your name on it.

Looking out the front door in the 1960s. The old Cooke Elementary School is across the street. We always used their gym for activities! As a partner in education, our church continues to bless the community through clothing drives, food giveaways, and after school and summer programs for families.

Our desire is to be a blessing to the 2,600 people that live in the Lakewood neighborhood as well as the oceanfront communities. 

Our Core Values


We will show compassion to people who are hurting and in need.



We will train men and women of all ages to live for Jesus.



We will worship God with passion, excitement and with everything we have.



We will be real people, showing real love, from a real God.



We will always put families first and our ministry will promote the growth of the entire family.



We will not forsake meeting together. As we grow in the Lord, we will strengthen our relationship with one another, and enjoy every opportunity we have to do so.

Our Beliefs

The Father

There is only one God: the God of Abraham who is known through prayerfully reading the Bible.


The Son

Jesus was the Messiah: the Living Word who dwelt among us. He died, rose again, and is returning on an unknown day.


The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one in the same. The Holy Spirit draws hearts to know God and moves in a Christian's life to bless them with courage and boldness. The Spirit of God stirs up multiple types of gifts in our lives to share the gospel message with the world.


The Scriptures

The Bible is without error. We follow New Testament teachings of Christ and his disciples which are supported by Old Testament history.


The Church

We strive to fellowship together regularly to bring a community of support for members and citizens in need. Denomination is another word for Division, which we want to avoid among brothers and sisters in Christ.


Everyone, from every viewpoint and upbringing, is welcome to be a part of our church family while on the journey towards truth through scripture.

Our Church Constitution

Beach Church Constitution & By Laws

Download the PDF below for a detailed description of how our church operates, membership requirements, staff member job descriptions, and other heavy reading.

Real People, Showing Real Love, from a Real God.

© BEACHCHURCH | 503 15th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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