God’s Intangible Blessings

We hear certain verses and truths about God’s word so frequently that they can become clichés to us if we allow them to. I myself am guilty of sitting there and agreeing to what is being preached thinking, "Yes, that is in God’s Word," but not really allowing the meaning to sink in to my heart.

We hear "God’s word does not come back void," and "Don’t stop praying" for something—but do we truly, in our hearts, live as if these words have life?

July 5th would have been my Grandma’s 97th birthday. She went to be with Jesus two years ago. God gave me a present this year on her birthday. He allowed me to see what my Grandma did not see while she was here with us. Grandma was a beautiful person who loved Jesus her entire life and was an inspiration to me. She prayed for her son, my Father, to be saved. He accepted Jesus just a few months ago. God’s word did not come back void and her numerous prayers for many years were answered. Sometimes we will not see the result of our prayers and God's will being done in our lifetime. When we are told to not stop praying, we should believe those words to be true. If we are truly praying in God’s will, then we have to trust Him to answer when He knows the time is right.

On Mother’s Day this year, I thought I was being a blessing to a woman in need who was asking for money on the street. When her name was revealed to me, I saw that the blessing was also for me: her name was the name of my Mother who had passed away six years ago. It was a tough day for me, but God let me know He was right by my side through this encounter.