The Joy of Generosity

I enjoy watching people's faces when they receive something out of the blue and for no apparent reason. Just seeing someone’s face light up from their normal expression with an explosion of uncontrolled joy is truly a beautiful sight. I have seen many videos of proposals and some of them are incredibly creative. What is it that makes us want to see others happy? As temporary as it may be, is it worth it? The first example I know of in scripture on giving (other than life itself) is Genesis 2:8. GOD chose a garden. Adam was not formed in the garden but rather placed there after GOD had made the garden for him. Now, it wasn’t until after Adam was in the garden did GOD put plants, trees and food for Adam giving us reason to suspect that Adam was there to see the whole thing happen all around him. Scripture gives us a brief look into what happened early on. In verse 9, we see the Creator made every tree that was beautiful to look at and others that were good for food.

Now, open your mind’s eye and imagine this. You are standing barefoot in soft thick grass in the middle of a plot of land (ignore the fact of being totally buck naked). There you stand and GOD speaks of a type of tree and immediately it starts to sprout from the ground at a super rapid rate until it matures, but it doesn’t stop there. The Bible states that EVERY pretty tree and​ EVERY tree that was good for food was to grow out of the ground as well. This had to have been an incredible sight. The brown bark of the oak trees, white bark of the Birch, the neon yellow leaves of the Ginko tree when the sun hits it and then the many colors of the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree just to mention a few. Then up comes the aromatic trees that you can smell for miles around. While you are watching the show, if you get hungry, you can go and eat off countless fruit trees made just for you.

All while this was happening, I can see GOD watching Adam’s face as He presented these gifts to him. The wonder and awe that must have been in Adam’s eyes. When we give to others, I wonder if we feel what He must have felt while showing off for Adam. There was no way Adam could repay GOD for what He had done for him, but that wasn’t the point. It was because of the love He had for Adam. GOD knew of Adam’s limitations, He did create him after all. So, when we give, whether it be with time, emotional support, monetary, labor or whatever, let us give with the same love and joy our Creator does when He gives to us. He is a giving GOD.

James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above,