You Can’t Keep Moving Unless You're Planted

Abraham lived in Haran in the land Canaan when GOD called him out. His father had already passed away a short time before and had settled in a place where he was comfortable. This place of contentment is where GOD called Abraham out of. In Genesis 12:1, GOD told him to leave the place of his father and to go to a place where He will show him. In other words, leave the place where you and your family have called home and keep walking. The LORD let him know that He wasn’t even going to tell him WHERE he was going, but to just go. This is the first in scripture where: 1. GOD talks to Abraham, and 2. Abraham acted in faith.

You might think, wow, Abraham and GOD were so close and that is why it was easier for Abraham to make that kind of move. Let me remind you that this is the first time GOD talked to Abraham in scripture, so this is the first step of an incredible journey of which is bigger than he could ever imagine.

Ever been moved from your comfort zone? Usually, we are pushed out rather than happily skipping along singing how we are now in an unknown place of discomfort and fear. I have many stories, myself, as I am sure you do, as well, of how it felt to be taken from a place of comfort, your safe-zone, and walked or thrust into the unknown usually accompanied by wide eyes and sweat.

It seems that this is the preferred method of the LORD. But why? I was so comfortable. So at peace. So happy. So in need of nothing. Perhaps this is why: