You Can’t Keep Moving Unless You're Planted

Abraham lived in Haran in the land Canaan when GOD called him out. His father had already passed away a short time before and had settled in a place where he was comfortable. This place of contentment is where GOD called Abraham out of. In Genesis 12:1, GOD told him to leave the place of his father and to go to a place where He will show him. In other words, leave the place where you and your family have called home and keep walking. The LORD let him know that He wasn’t even going to tell him WHERE he was going, but to just go. This is the first in scripture where: 1. GOD talks to Abraham, and 2. Abraham acted in faith.

You might think, wow, Abraham and GOD were so close and that is why it was easier for Abraham to make that kind of move. Let me remind you that this is the first time GOD talked to Abraham in scripture, so this is the first step of an incredible journey of which is bigger than he could ever imagine.

Ever been moved from your comfort zone? Usually, we are pushed out rather than happily skipping along singing how we are now in an unknown place of discomfort and fear. I have many stories, myself, as I am sure you do, as well, of how it felt to be taken from a place of comfort, your safe-zone, and walked or thrust into the unknown usually accompanied by wide eyes and sweat.

It seems that this is the preferred method of the LORD. But why? I was so comfortable. So at peace. So happy. So in need of nothing. Perhaps this is why:

My mind goes back through the Bible stories we grew up with and realize that the main characters of these stories did not grow in the LORD until they first were moved out of their comfort zone. A shepherd boy fights a champion giant. An old man builds a massive ship in the desert in front of mockers. A cussing, fussing young man raised in a filthy land with even filthier customs and practices is told to be the mouthpiece of GOD. A murderer is told to share with others how to live forever. A prophet who taught purity and faithfulness told to marry a prostitute. One story after another, they go from one place to another either moving, losing everything, being made fun of, not being told why they were doing what they were doing, not seeing the effects of their obedient sacrifice, or even dying for His cause. All of them, however, having their lives changed forever… for the better.

They found that in leaving their place of comfort, they needed GOD.

The point, you may ask? Notice at the beginning of each story there is a calling of GOD accompanied by a MOVE. You can’t get to where you are going without moving. Just as the men and women of GOD mentioned in the Bible, when GOD called, they answered though obedience by moving out of their comfort zone. Have you ever wondered why you may be feeling stagnate in your walk with the LORD? Do you ever feel bland or bored in your spirit? Let me encourage you to take a walk on the wild side. Make the move, the move toward being uncomfortable. Your flesh will hate you for it, but your spirit will love you for it. If your flesh hates it, this could be a sign that it’s probably a good move. Gal 15:17 says:

“​ ​For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do.”

Want to go to the next level and see what has waiting for you? A good step is to be active in your local church. Talk to your pastor and tell let him know you want to be used of GOD. He will tell you that like the great people in the Bible, be planted in the LORD. You must be committed. Abraham showed commitment by moving, thus planting himself firm in the knowledge of GOD knowing He was going take him to the Promised Land. It’s up to us to make the move. It’s up to us to obey. Only when the LORD sees us moving will He will make His move.

Ready to see GOD move? Ready to reach the next level? Ready to see what GOD has waiting for you? Ready to be stretched to your full potential? Then make the MOVE!

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