Here's Looking at You, Kid

Children of stars struggling to create their own image. They fight for identity for themselves and escape the expectations that the general public has for them.

Growing up, my brother and I were always compared to my dad. It’s hard to have an identity of your own when the public has already chosen one for you. We went from church to church for one, two, and three week revivals. I was typically in church six nights a week for half my life. I have met so many people anxious to ask my brother and I questions, like, "What it was like to live in a bus your whole lives?" or, "Are you home schooled?" Then the one we were always expecting… "Are you boys going to grow up and be just like your dad?"

This expectation isn't just in our culture, but all over the world. Children are naturally expected to be like their parents when they are young. Then, when they get older, they start to see that they have more options that may be open to them they never knew about before. Then the conflict starts of which path to take.

The same can true spiritually and/or emotionally. “I have been raised this way, so, I guess I will raise my kids the same way.” Some say, “I was abused as a kid and I guess I prob would do the same.” I know a guy that chose to never have kids because of what he went through as a child; afraid that he would follow his family’s footsteps.

Check out this example in 1 Samuel 16. There was a father named Jesse that was invited to a sacrifice by Samuel. So, Jesse, (not knowing of Samuel’s real purpose) was told that his sons were invited as well. Jesse told his sons to go to pass by Samuel. So, Jesse lined up his sons and sent the first son, Eliab to pass by Samuel. When Eliab passed by, Samuel thought, "Surely he is the the one GOD will anoint,” but GOD said in verse six, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his