Spiritually Weak? There's an App for That!

Living in this fast paced digital age, it seems that everything is getting more efficient, smaller and faster. Ironically, so is time. I thought efficiency and speed was about saving time and here we seem to have less and less of it. I remember not having cell phones, affordable computers or Bluetooth and somehow I seem to recall having much more time than I do now.

Well, that’s another a discussion for another day. Right now, well, we need to wise choices on the time that we do have. Near about everybody has some sort of device that uses apps or some sort. I feel I have experienced the whole gambit from the beta apps to the full-fledged paid ones. With these, I have experienced the unstable, fun, useless, cool looking, but not much substance to the absolute amazing. Speaking of which, I think I just found where my time went.

With everything at our fingertips (which has never been more true than now), it’s easy to get distracted and lose the efficiency our devices brag they bring to our lives. So, in an attempt to encourage our ever challenging Christian walk through discipleship, here is a list of apps to help you on your journey and stay focused on the One who is focused on us. Just type titles into your app service or click the links below. Enjoy!

  • Fighter Verses Android / iOS - Learn your spiritual Kung Fu here with scripture memorization.

  • Bible Pathway Adventures Android / iOS - From their website: The Bible Pathway Adventures’ storybook app is an educational tool designed to help parents and kids spend time together learning about God. Inspired by God’s Word, we’ve taken the timeless biblical stories and added world-class narration and eye-popping illustrations to bring the Bible’s most famous characters to life.

  • Bible App for Kids Android / iOS - This is just what it says and my kids really like this app.

  • PrayerMate Android / iOS - Ever tell someone that you would pray for them and, well, life happens and you forget? This app keeps track of who is on your prayer list and even has a reminder. You may need this.

  • e-Sword PC / iOS - So many options for a great Bible study. From their website: "e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free Bible study app. The fact that e-Sword is free is just one of the blessings and does not speak of the quality of the app. Below you'll find a list of features that you will discover helps make Bible study both enjoyable and enriching."

  • Olive Tree Android / iOS - From their website: Study with the Resource Guide. The Resource Guide makes it easy to study by presenting all the relevant information in your library alongside your Bible passage.

  • Heroes the Game Android / iOS - Great game for kids as they learn the word with great comic book art.

  • Bible HIStory Game iOS - From their website - The best game for learning how Biblical and ancient history flow together! The Bible HIStory game is the perfect for families, churches, and Christian schools to teach the timeline of Bible and ancient history.

  • Bible Trivia Android / iOS - Learn and have fun on their website or the app.

  • Space Read Article - Who doesn’t like space? Here is the top ten space apps (according to Laptop Mag.) for your phone or tablet. Check these out and marvel at GODs creation!

Have you tried these apps or use them currently? Give us some feedback on your favorite ones you have used. Did I miss any good ones? I would love to hear what apps are great for our church family. Let us know what apps you think should have been on this list and why.

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