Through the Storm

Ever seen a storm chaser? These nuts find storms and follow them in hopes of finding big tornadoes. Most people want to stay away from the danger and hope it never finds them. However, these chasers want to see the power, measure the magnitude, and awe at the way it alters the sky. Most of the time they can even predict the path and speed of travel or tornadoes... and sometimes, they’re wrong. Regardless of where you live, eventually a storm will find you, and like all adversity you better be prepared.

Christian or not, we all go through tough times. For people who are alone, this can can be especially challenging, not to mention taxing. What an incredible blessing it is to discover that there are actually people that care and are willing to be a shoulder to ones who are struggling to walk.

I am reminded of King David in the book of Psalms as he lamented before the LORD. One day he seemed fine, but then the next he was back where he was. It's interesting how Psalms starts out. In Psalm 1:1, David starts out as a teacher giving wise counsel and warning against the council of the ungodly. From there, it leads to David painting a picture for his readers the awesome power of GOD and how no enemy compares to His unmatchable strength.

As life would have it, chapter 4 takes an interesting turn. It’s easy to rejoice when all is in your favor, but how quickly do we cry when it's revealed how weak we truly are in our own strength. We see David is thrust into the very situations in which he was boasting about in chapter 3 on the unmatched strength of his God. Psalm 4:1, “Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” David was often reminded on how helpless he was without his Deliverer and how desperate he was without Him.

It is most important to remember the One who has the strength and power to defeat any opposition that may hacking through your door. All may seem bleak with no light at the end of