Three Days Later

Easter or Resurrection Sunday as many call it is a wonderful day. It’s reality is Christianity 101. The basis of what we believe. This past Sunday has been a first in a number of years that it hadn’t even rained. It was sunny and 80 degrees. Spring is such a beautiful time of year when flowers start blooming and hibernating animals start waking up to start looking for food. Within nature, it’s basically New Year's Day. If it were truly this time of year that this incredible event happened, I honestly could not think of a better time.

Remember that Jesus arrived on the scene during the Old Testament time. Sacrifices were still going on and Solomon’s temple was still in use.Tradition was in full affect. It is what He brought with Him that ushered in the New Testament and what He did that closed the Old.

The salvation that Jesus brought reached further than just the forgiveness of sins. It transcended time and space. Now, that may sound a tad SyFy, but here is my meaning: It transcended time by going back into the past and forgiving all sin since birth. It transcends space because Jesus was sent from Heaven to earth offering us eternal life with Him in Heaven.

The difference between the religions of this world and Christianity is three days.

Now this is a pretty outlandish story if you really think about it. This Son of GOD came to earth to be the perfect sacrifice. Born of a virgin. He fulfilled scripture even up to His death on the cross between two common thieves. Up to now, a very gifted man could have done most the same as what Jesus did. I mean, anyone can get followers. Most any