The Bad Seed

Have you ever eaten a fruit and it so happened to be a really good one? I often have, and after finishing it, I thought, "if I could plant these seeds that are in the fruit maybe I could have more just like this one." I am not sure if there is a fruit that I don’t like, but I tend to eat an apple or two every day.

Being someone who loves to grow things, I planted some apple seeds and was anxious to see it grow. In the meantime, I visited a nursery to pick up some tips on how to grow a healthy apple tree with a good yield. Upon chatting with the friendly nursery worker, I was told something that shocked me. He said that having an apple tree could be very rewarding and save a lot of money. Well, needless to say, he had me at saving money.

So, I’m thinking this was a great move on my part. The worker then told me I could get great tasting apples and an abundant yield (by this time, I was thinking, “Yes, yes, yes!”) … as long as it’s not a seed taken from the apple. So, I’m like, “Wait, what???” The guy explained to me that if I grew the seed from the apple I wanted that I would be very disappointed and could get an apple totally different and taste not nearly as good.

So, here is where I get a lesson of a lifetime.

It’s not the branch that bears the good fruit, but rather the tree through the branch.