The Change

We all know ‘that’ guy. The one who is cool one moment, but has a hair trigger of a temper and you have no idea what is going to set him off or when. It could be a guy or girl. I know people like that and thought, “Man, I would’ve liked to get to know or hang out with this person, but I have not seen evidence of loyalty to anything or anyone.” If I feel like it may not be a worthwhile investment, I simply don’t invest.

This is not just a business strategy, but the way I look at friendship, as well. Friendship is an investment similar to a business. Like money for a business, you pour yourself into it and when you need support or ready to collect, it is there. The longer you have and nurture the friendship, the stronger it becomes.

Jesus has a unique way of picking friends. He had many followers and out of those, He picked the 12. Of the 12, Peter stands out to me as one I personally would not have invested in or at least not had for very long. He was one that had to be babysat a lot and required a whole lot of patience. However, Jesus saw something in him. Peter was willing to follow Jesus, but did not truly believe. But Jesus still saw something in him. He lost sight of Jesus on the water, but Jesus still saw something in him. Peter acting vengefully cut the ear off of a soldier instead of seeing that the prophecy had to have been fulfilled. Jesus still saw something in him. Peter claimed if Jesus died that he would die with him, then denied Him three times. Jesus still saw something in him. Later, Peter was preaching and witnessing and had to be admonished for giving into peer pressure, but Jesus saw something in him.

GOD knows you and loves you, regardless.

I am so thankful the LORD does not follow my criteria of friendship. He sees who and what we can become through Him and then gives us that change to actually do it with His strength to make sure we accomplish it.