Join the Club

Ever wanted to be a part of something that you felt you weren't quite qualified for? Or maybe someone else made you think you weren't good enough? Believe it or not, that feeling is literally as old as the hills. Not just socially, but even religiously.

Just about anything that has a membership have qualifications. It’s how the structure of exclusivity works. Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s and even free organizations have their rules. However, it doesn’t stop there. Religious organizations also have many qualifications and sometimes more than even a secular club. There are clubs that cost many hundreds of thousands to join and even over a million. How would you feel to want to be apart of something so badly, only to find out that the fee was way beyond the realm possibility? Maybe it was a vehicle with a payment that was out of reach. It’s a horrible feeling.

What if I said there was a gathering of select people that were given the answers to the mysteries of the universe and access to the supernatural, even the Creator of all existence? What if I told you that this Creator made contact and was gathering a people that would be His followers to change the world? What if this Creator wanted you to join His elected, but the price was so high, no person could come close to paying it? What a bummer, huh? It’s like a dream club for SyFy lovers.

Well, believe it or not, that group of people actually exists. So does the Creator and His Plan for mankind. The bad news is the unreachable cost also exists. The good news is that the cost was already paid for in FULL. The other good news is that astronomical cost that was paid for was for YOU and your family. So, now you are welcome to join anytime and receive every single benefit offered. Most of you know what I’m talking about, but for those that don’t, you are welcome to join this select group. The Creator is offering you a chance right now to join. John 3:16,17: