Enough To Go Around

Ever had the chance to encourage someone who was going through really tough times and afterward feel the overwhelming presence of pride when you see the other person smile? It’s a great feeling. Friends do that for each other. When one is down, the other helps out. My wife and I are that way. We mesh very well. If one of us is going through something, the other is in the position to encourage and uplift. We are always there to lift each other out of the hole we somehow find ourselves in.

I have a missionary friend in the Philippines. He went to every island he could and simply walked into town and started witnessing. As he witnessed, he would gradually win more and more to the LORD and held bible studies. Eventually, as he reached 50 people, he would start a church. He would appoint a person pastor of the church who was called into the ministry and who had been in training for a number of years by the missionary. As soon as he felt the church (mainly leaders) were mature enough in the LORD, he would move to another island and start all over. Always, keeping in touch and requiring reports. Paul was this way. He started churches in the various places he went as well.

Regardless of the number of churches that were started, Paul still had a passion for the people. Writing letters to the pastors, deacons and other church leaders to encourage them in the ministry. However, it did not stop there. Paul also had compassion on the believers as well. He taught them how to be effective laymen in Christ. He let them know that there was no such thing as an effective ‘pew warmer’ James 1:22: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”. He let the leaders know that he was praying for them and that they were constantly on his mind. Also, he also asked the leaders and fellow church members to pray for him and that he desperately needed them for not just encouragement, but that the LORD would continue to give him boldness to preach the Word, even in the shadow of danger.

There’s enough encouragement to go around, so let’s keep passing it around.

What can we learn from Paul's example? Regardless of a person’s position in a church, they never reach place of self sustainability. They always need constant prayer and encouragement. Like everyone else, they need strength. Why? Because, they ARE everyone else, just with a burden of the Call. With that responsibility, perhaps it requires more prayer than the average Joe. So, let me encourage you to pray for your leaders, because every single one of them need it so desperately. Our strength is limited and will soon run out, but let me remind you that when we are weak, He is strong. It is His strength we need and that is why we should pray for it to keep us effective for His service.

Pray for your family in Christ. Pray for your leaders, that they will lead in the wisdom of Christ. You can be an even more effective believer by praying for your leaders and those in charge in different functions of the church. Trust me, their need is necessary, the benefits lead to betterment, they desire it desperately and your commitment brings comfort. In addition to all this, always remember, you are always in our prayers! There’s enough encouragement to go around, let’s keep passing it around. If you find that you are in need of encouragement or wish to courage us, feel free to give as a call or email us. We would love to hear from you.

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