Draw Me Closer

Written by Michael Shmidt:

I am going to share a short thought the LORD has put on my mind this past week or two.

We have a choice to be who we are in Christ. He gave us that choice in the very beginning.You can chose how close or how distant you are with your creator. Our choices and actions not only determine our walk with Christ, but also our future walk is if nothing changes. In other words, if we do not spend more time in prayer and in the Word, we can’t expect to draw closer to the LORD now or in the future. If we want to draw closer to Him and be used of Him more, we must understand that we can not be stagnate or expect not to work for it. One of my favorite phrases is, “Nothing worthwhile ever came without sacrifice.” We can not expect more from GOD if we do not give more of ourselves. So then, if you wish to get all that GOD has for you, how much do you think GOD expects from you? Relationships can be a challenge. Especially, the important ones, but they are worth every second invested. GOD yearns to be the closest thing to you. So, how can you take that step of turning everything over to Him, to make Him #1 (I mean truly #1) in your life? Come see us Sunday and find out. It just might change your life, forever.