The Journey

Written by Michael Shmidt:

My family and I are going on vacation soon. We are in the final stages of planning and the excitement just seems to build day after day. Our kids have never been to Florida or have seen the sites that beautiful state has to offer. On the way, we will be passing through Georgia, another new state for them.

I think my wife and I are more excited than the kids. They love to travel and are just happy to be going someplace, but they have no idea what to expect. They have never been there. They may have read about it and seen pictures, but really have no clue what we have in store for them. They just know to be packed and leave the driving to us.

Much of the same can be said for our Christian walk. As His children, we say we trust in the Lord, but how much? Are you willing to go down that path you’ve never been? That walk in the dark where your very steps require the kind of faith you have only read about. Being in a foreign place can be scary. For us, it’s usually being drawn out of what’s familiar. If you just sit and imagine the possibilities of what could go wrong, it could drive you nuts.

However, obedience is not just obeying, but also timing. It’s ​when​ we obey, as well. Take Philip for instance. In Acts 8:25, GOD gave Philip instructions. The only details that were given were to “Get up and go south...”​. For some of us, we probably would ask GOD, okay Lord and then what? Where to? It’s hard to walk in the dark and not rely on our own understanding, but Phillp thankfully chose to obey rather demand details (a flashlight for his path). How did he obey? Scripture says in verse 27 quite plainly, ​“So, he got up and went...”.

The concept is simple. You see, faith comes when you trust in the Lord. Philip would have never known why if he hadn’t obeyed