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In the Vibe Creative District

Where do you run when the lights go out? 






It's a place where our community gets power and light in a dark world.

A place where we can blend our talents together to create an impacting way to reach our community.

Theatre & Concerts


The great thing about a traditional black box space is that it can be anything anyone wishes to imagine. We are capable of endless new configurations--allowing exercise of truly creative, one of a kind ministry.


We've hosted all genres of music and have had many national touring Christian bands mixed in with our favorite locals. You name it, we've become it; from live theatre, to Christian fashion shows, to a television studio... even a Crazy Japanese Gameshow!


We also have a Game Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Museum, and Shower Facilities for any event imaginable. It's an amazing blessing for BEACHCHURCH to be able to provide this space to the community.

Fuse Box Teen Night

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

Rides Available within the Oceanfront Community


Our main function at The Fuse Box is to host a weekly Youth Group for Teens on Wednesdays. We have games, crazy activities, and weekly messages that aim to slap you in the face (in a wholesome, Godly way).


The Fuse Box strives to be a source of Christ's power and light to the Virginia Beach Community. It's as if there are wires running from the box and down the Oceanfront streets to connect our local churches, businesses, and above all— families. In a time when darkness seems to be creeping in from every side, The Fuse Box is the place to be when all other lights go out.


Your new best friends are waiting to meet you.

Beach Kids

Sundays 10:00am-12:30pm

Rides Available within the Oceanfront Community

Beach Kids is the most fun any kid can have in Virginia Beach! We have large spaces to hang out, play games, and learn about the Lord with crazy activities, zany puppets, and great friends!

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